For the convenience of senior citizens, Bombay High Court has decided to give priority in its roster to the cases where at least one of the parties is above sixty years old, if such a request is made by the concerned party.
A circular issued on December 3, signed by the Registrar General of High court, says that Chief Justice and other Judges of the Bombay High Court, after have directed that precedence be given to the cases wherein senior citizens are involved.
“The Chief Justice and Judges have now directed that precedence be given by courts for hearing and final disposal of the cases wherein one of the parties has attained the age of sixty years and above,” it says.
This circular replaces a circular issued in 1999, whereby precedence was to be given to persons above 65.
“The courts may grant such an indulgence on written request,” added the circular.
The direction would be implemented at all the benches of the High Court and at the subordinate courts in the state.
Principal Judge of Bombay City Civil and Sessions court Shalini Phansalkar-Joshi has issued direction that the circular should be followed.
(This article was published on December 8, 2013)